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Ulysse Nardin growsUlysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin continuous development of the top mechanical watchmaking brandUlysse Nardin appointed Benedikt Schlegel behalf of the Board

Ulysse Nardin announced the appointment of Benedikt Schlegel On behalf of the Board, with effect from March 1, 2013. Benedikt Schlegel from Movado Group Inc. Movado Group added Ulysse Nardin , over the past seven years, he served as senior vice president of the group and served as the leading brand of the Chief Operating Officer of Europe activities in Switzerland.

Rolf Schnyder visionary leadership, Ulysse Nardin continuous development of the top mechanical watchmaking brand, leaving a wealth of sustainable growth and innovative spirit. A solid economic foundation, the positive momentum in the market and broad prospects for development has been a seamless transition to new management – by Patrik Hoffmann at the helm – but the need to strengthen the board of directors, nominated Marc Küffer last year and this year appoint Benedikt Schlegel makes The board of directors continue to be strengthened. Under the guidance of the new board of directors, the company will continue to be independent of the road, and has a tab and strategic leadership of the professional and technical the backbone support management team.

Ulysse Nardin Ulysse Nardin bring a wide range of opportunities based on patents and innovation rich cultural heritage, will receive special attention, mainly concentrated in the major disciplines made mechanical movement of the exciting new production technology – watchmaker.