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The first official partner of the FAIBreitling and the FAI signed a long-term partnership agreement

The specialist in chronographs and instruments for professionals signed a long-term partnership agreement on May 10th with the International Air Sports Federation (FAI). This is the logical culmination of a long and distinguished history intimately bound up with the conquest of the skies.

Founded in 1905, the objective of the International Air Sports Federation (FAI) is to encourage the development of air sports all over the world. Its areas of expertise encompass many activities, including planes, aerobatics, seaplanes, helicopters, hot-air balloons, airships, paragliders, hang-gliders, gliders, parachuting, spaceships, etc. Its aim is to regulate all aeronautical competitions internationally, to validate records in the various sectors, as well as to officially recognize astronauts' feats. Breitling is privileged to become the first official partner to the FAI on a global scale. This long-term association impacts a large number of activities managed by the FAI, as well as certain special events organized with the brand.

Breitling has also been named the official watch of the International Air Sports Federation: a well-deserved honor for the “official supplier to world aviation”.