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Style is a Question of MaturityNew Communications Approach for Armin Strom

“Not my first love affair” is the watch manufacturer’s powerful new campaign slogan, which transforms the positioning of the Biel timekeepers from ‘exclusive luxury watches’ into ‘ambassadors of style and maturity’.

Armin Strom AG has recently embarked upon a completely new communications approach. The new campaign slogan “Not my first love affair” is an open confession of style developed through experience. It is an appeal from the heart to potential customers of the precision Manufacture. Whoever decides to buy an Armin Strom has already come to terms with most of the “love-relationship” aspects associated with symbolic, status watch brands. Armin Strom-wearers are looking for quality and true class, which are to be found in the noble, finely detailed and partly handcrafted masterpieces of the Biel-based watchmaker.

An expressive and powerful visual concept concentrates on the company’s essence: the watch itself, the calibre and the manufacturing. Behind each Armin Strom watch there lies minutely detailed handcrafted finishing, the utmost precision and precious materials. These elements are appropriately reinforced with corresponding imagery and colours. Embellished by the use of the modern, meaningful letters of the especially selected, striking font style, the product itself features centre-stage - chic and fashionable. Individually self-assured and proud of its stylishness, just like the exclusive timekeeper that it is.