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Watch search warrant

Searching for stolen watches or watches, which are associated with crimes, is a service of TrustedWatch. If you want to issue a search warrant then please note, that we do not publicise individual-related data (name of the suspect or victim, etc.). Your search warrant is only published after revision and there is no claim for publication.

View already published notifications first, they will give you a general idea how a search warrant should look.

We would be pleased to support you in formulating your notification. Manufacturers and retailers operating an website can show potential delinquents by means of our searching ticker, that you are aware of the topic and will act prudently. Our search warrant news ticker is updated fully automatically and can be connected very easily with the source code of your website.

Watch search warrant

5.000 Euros reward Burglars steal several hundred thousands of Euros worth of jewelry and watches

(01/2009) Burglars, who are as yet unknown, broke into a property at Völklinger Jupiterstraße and stole jewelry and watches worth a total of several hundred thousands of Euros the night of Saturday 29th May, 2008. Among the stolen goods were also two watches, worth 21,500 Euros and 6,800 Euros. There is no trace of the offenders yet.

Millions in jewelry stolen during van raid in France

(12/2008) Jewelry and luxury watches worth 4.5 million Euros were stolen in a raid on a van during transport on a French highway. A gang of four men had followed the van on a highway -about 50 kilometers south of Paris- and finally provoked a collision, reported the station France Info on December 19, 2008.

Burglary in Königswinter

(12/2008) In the beginning of August 2008, unknown robbers stole, among other things, some distinctive pieces of jewelry (such as a pilot watch) in the Rheinallee in Königswinter. The thieves broke open the balcony door, searched through the house and stole cash, coins and jewelry with a total value of several tens of thousands of Euros.

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