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Manufactured in a very limited series Vacheron Constantin: A limited series engraved with the Russian coat-of-arms

Marc Guten, Vacheron Constantin’s International Director, and Nicolas Deflers, Director of Vacheron Constantin Russia, presented a Malte Quantième Perpétuel Rétrogradant timepiece, created exclusively for Vacheron Constantin’s Moscow boutique, to a group of Russian collectors. Manufactured in a very limited series of only five pieces in 18K 5N pink gold, this model has two exclusive features.

THE FLYING B - The wings of renown

Breitling springs a surprise by enriching the Breitling for Bentley collection with a rectangular watch featuring an original design. An exceptional timepiece dedicated to the "winged B", the historical emblem of the famous British manufacturer. A Bentley is far more than a car: it is a work of art, crafted with infinite concern for detail

Breitling Bentley Mark VI: A heritage of excellence

1946. The legendary Bentley Mark VI emerged from the new factory in Crewe, England. It was the first Bentley produced in these workshops, where the world's most prestigious automobiles are still assembled to this day. Now associated with the famous British car manufacturer, Breitling revives the legend by presenting the Bentley Mark VI special edition, a chronograph designed in the spirit of tradition and performance characterising the entire Breitling for Bentley collection.

Breitling STARLINER - A star in the sky

While universally known for its extremely masculine high-end sports watches, BREITLING is nonetheless careful never to neglect women. Working on the principle that technical sophistication should not rule out beautiful lines, the brand designers have created the STARLINER, the most feminine model within its collection.

Breitling Bentley MULLINER TOURBILLON - The spirit of Exclusivity

Mulliner, the jewel in the crown of the Bentley factory in Crewe… Behind the closed doors of this prestigious workshop, a hundred or so craftsmen and technicians lavish the utmost care on fulfilling the most specific wishes of Bentley owners. Embodying a blend of technology and tradition, commissioning is taken to its ultimate conclusion.

SIHH 2005 Thoughts about IWC’s new Ingenieur Automatic, Ref. IW3227

IWC’s new Ingenieur in many ways is not a new watch. By descent, it rightfully claims a heritage that spans a full half-century. Its foundations are unmistakable, and it is more evolutionary than revolutionary. Above all else, the Ingenieur is an IWC watch. Not merely in name or by virtue of the place of its birth, but because it stands for principles that embody the foundations of IWC.

Breitling MULLINER PERPETUAL - The spirit of exclusivity

Mulliner, the jewel in the Bentley crown... In the secret of the Mulliner workshop at the Bentley factory in Crewe, some hundred craftsmen and technicians fashion metal, wood and leather to fulfill each and every wish of the privileged Bentley owners. The specially commissioned features created to grace these prestigious vehicles embody the ultimate blend of technology and tradition.

A tribute to Sanford Fleming A watch to celebrate the launch of world time 120 years ago

As a reminder of the almost forgotten 1884 World Conference in Washington, Andersen Genève has designed a special watch. Andersen Genève pays homage to Sir Stanford Fleming who was the driving force behind the introduction of our global time system. The watchmaker company Andersen Genève has designed his “1884” watch to reproduce Sanford Fleming’s model of time spanning the world.

Looking ahead with a new Look For 50 years: Breguet TYPE XXI

Breguet’s Type XX retour -en-vol chronograph marks its 50th anniversary this year with a new development — the Type XXI — designed to meet the expectations of a generation that looks ahead. The new automatic chronograph Type XXI 3810 retains the military bearing of the original watch Breguet developed for the French naval air arm in the 1950s. The Type XX was ahead of its time, and word soon spread to civilians of its exceptional reliability.

The culture of tradition and exclusivity The Bentley Masterpiece

United under the "winged B", Breitling and Bentley form an alliance based on their shared values of exclusivity, prestige and performance. Know-how and tradition are two other such values. At Bentley, these reach their fullest expression in the exclusive Mulliner workshops, where several hundred uniquely talented specialists devote their experience and knowledge to personalising a Bentley.

The Art of perfect Timing The Breguet Tourbillons

A.-L. Breguet’s invention of the Tourbillon revolutionized the art of watchmaking in 1801 and set a new standard for timekeeping. For centuries, scientists and philosophers had used the term Tourbillon to refer to the regular rotation of planets around the sun, despite the world Tourbillon, or whirlwind, being somewhat of a misnomer for the ordered regularity of the universe.

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