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Bright Prospects for WatchmakersTop Grades for Emerging Talents at A. Lange & Söhne

Seven emerging talents have finished their watchmaking studies at the Lange Watchmaking School with the best average grade in the past ten years. On 23 July 2012, they received their school certificates in Glashütte. Linda Feine (Dresden), Elisa Karsch (Glashütte), Pia Poprawa (Freiberg), Rosalie Stein (Dresden), Tanja Ziesche (Pirna), Margit Zöllner (Ittlingen near Heilbronn) and Steve Delling (Obernaundorf), these are this year’s successful graduates of the Lange Watchmaking School.

At the traditional ceremony on completion of their three years apprenticeship, they received the coveted craft certificates from the hands of Torsten Köhler, Education Director of the local Chamber of Commerce and Trade. Class teacher Jürgen Mischok was particularly pleased with the excellent performance of his protegees. ”You have qualified for the best job in the world and now you are given the chance to participate in the creation of the world’s most precious watches“, he said.

For the young watchmakers there is hardly any time to catch their breath: Just one day later, the serious side of life begins for six of them with the first working day at the traditional Lange manufactory. New qualified trainees will begin their apprenticeship at the Lange Watchmaking School already at the end of August 2012.